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Our mission is to give our island community and visitors the best active taxi service Guam has to offer. We are readily available at major hotels and shopping centers. We also provide charter tours around the island. All our taxis in our fleet are licensed by the Revenue and Taxation of Guam. Please browse our site to learn more about us!

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Guam Taxi YMCA's Services

YMCA Taxi Guam

Reasons Guam Taxi YMCA is Popular

We are safe, honest, and fun! We provide fast and friendly taxi service 24/7 throughout the island of Guam!

YMCA Taxi Guam

Airport Drop-offs

Are you in a hurry? Make sure you don’t miss your flight. Make a reservation by simply giving us a phone call.

YMCA Taxi Guam

All the best spots on Guam

We offer charter services around the island so feel free to join us for an island tour. We offer all kinds of charter services from from morning tours to an half-day around the island drive!