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Guam YMCA Taxi's Main Services

GUAM TAXI YMCA Airport Drop-offs from Hotels

Guam Taxi YMCA サービス

Where would you like to go? It’s that simple!

We will take you anywhere you need to go in our comfortable and very roomy cab vehicles!

All of our taxis in our fleet are licensed by the Guam Revenue and Taxation. Be assured that all our vehicles are safe, meet all legal requirements, and have their meters properly inspected.

Guam YMCA Taxi's Main ServicesFurthermore, all our taxis are insured. We are professionals that know our way around Guam. We do not drive as a part time gig. We at YMCA Taxi Guam, drive because we love to driving and have a passion of showing and guiding our guests around our beautiful island of Guam. In fact some of us in the YMCA Taxi Guam fleet have been driving cabs this since the “disco 70’s”!

All our drivers have clean driving records and no criminal records. If you lose an item in our cab, you may quickly recover it by calling us.

Feel safe to ride with us. It is our responsibility to ensure you arrive at your destination safely and comfortably.

We will drive according to our customer’s request for the following services at any time. All passengers ride for the price of one! You save money riding as a group than as an individual. With our low competitive rates along with our reliable licensed taxis, we are here 24/7; 7 days a week.

Give us a call +1-671-727-7465 and let us take you for a smooth ride!!!

  • Hotel to Airport drop-offs

  • Hotel to any destination on the island.

  • Around the island charter tours.