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Popular Guam Tour Attractions

Latte Stone Park

A symbol of Guam’s identity. The Latte Stone Park consist of “latte stones”  dating back from  500 AD. These stones were used as a foundation of a traditional Chamorro house around the Mariana Islands.

You will also see Japanese caves at the park. These caves were built during the second world war for possibly as an air raid shelter.  This is a great place to study ancient Guam history as well as history from  WW2.

Plaza de Espana

The Plaza de Espana is located in the capital of Guam. The plaza was constructed during the Spanish occupation of Guam. This historical area served as the colonial governor’s Palace up until World War 2.

Dulce Nombre de Maria

DULCE NOMBRE DE MARIA CATHEDRAL or the “Cathedral” as we locals call it is the very first church of Guam, first constructed in 1669. It is now possible the largest church on Guam and a beautiful sight to see.

Tumon Bay

TUMON BAY is the area of Guam with the most hotels. It is mainly known as the tourist district of Guam. The sparkling blue sea and the crystal white sands of the beaches on Tumon are one of Guam’s beautiful natural treasures! It is possible to swim and snorkel in the are but please do so at your own risks.

Two Lover’s Point

Two Lover’s point is a famous landmark of Guam. For more about it, please see here.

Chamorro Village

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